Funky Seeds Packets - 48 Assorted

$88.80 $112.80

Barcode: 843458152897

What's in a Kit?

Kit includes 8 packets of each of the following:

Pumpkin Squash, Purple Pea, Funky Squash, Verbena, Watermelon, Catnip, Summer Cypress, A22

for a total of 48 packets.

Prepare for a burst of floral brilliance

We're not just any seed company; we're the connoisseurs of botanical extravagance. Our seeds? They're like tiny, unstoppable bursts of beauty. So, if your garden is ready for an upgrade from drab to fab, look no further. Let's make your neighbors green with envy... or maybe just with a touch of floral flair!

When one kit just isn't enough.

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