Loft Glass Vintage Bud Vases Kits


Colors: 50pc Assortment
So here’s a story: when Todd was a kid, he used to be dropped off at the family farm for the summer, and like all farms, there wasn't much to do. He spent a lot of time finding arrowheads and old medicine bottles, which is the inspiration for Loft. 20 years later, he went back to the farm and had a mold of medicine bottles made. Turns out his summers were cool after all.
Product Details

Order in multiples of 1 pieces per style

  • Year Designed: 2008
  • Material: Glass
  • Finish: Translucent


  • Rectangle: 2.60” long, 1.5" wide, 2.25” tall 
  • Round: 2.25” long, 2.25" wide, 2.25” tall 
  • Short Bottle: 2” long, 2" wide, 2.75” tall 
  • Square: 2” long, 2" wide, 3” tall Tall 
  • Tall Bottle: 1.75” long, 1.75" wide, 3.25” tall
Barcode: 843458156093

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