Ligne Glass Modern Flower Vase


They say no-one has a favorite child. Parents all know it’s not true The Ligne is ours. It’s well made glass bud vase It’s modern. It’s high end. It’s traditional. All at once. - when this is pulled of the piece is basically timeless and can be placed in the coolest bar in LALALAND or in a big conservative house -named after my ligne rose coffee table that I bought 25 years ago that fits this mold
Product Details

Order in multiples of 6 pieces per style

  • Material: Glass
  • Dimension: 
  • Egg is 2.25" in diameter, 4" tall. 
  • Oval is 3.5" in diameter and 2.25" tall. 
  • Sphere is 3" in diameter.
  • Color: 
  • Ligne 1 - Black, Copper, White
  • Ligne 3 - Grey Texture, Gun Metal, Metallic, Purple, Grey Texture
  • Ligne 4 - Black and White, Ice Blue, Dark Grey, White
  • Shape: Egg, Gourd, Oval, Sphere
  • Indoor vase

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