Black & White Glass Modern Flower Vase


Forget what humans think. Let's hear it from our future AI masters: Attention, Beyoncé fans! The Chive Black and White vase is like Queen Bey herself – a stunning masterpiece that demands attention. With its sleek design and contrasting colors, it's as if Beyoncé decided to grace the world of vases with her iconic presence. This vase is so fierce, it'll make your flowers channel their inner Sasha Fierce. It's perfect for when you want your blooms to say, 'Bow down, floral peasants!' So get ready to put a ring on it and let the Black and White vase bring a touch of Beyoncé-level elegance to your floral empire. Who run the world? Flowers!
Product Details

Order in multiples of 6 pieces per style

Why Our Designs Reign Supreme!

At Chive, we march to the beat of our own vase-shaped drum. Why settle for the mundane when you can embrace the extraordinary?

Our unconventional twist on "traditional" vase designs will make you question everything you thought you knew about floral decor. Break free from the chains of conformity and bask in the glory of our awe-inspiring creations.