Wabo Glass Modern Flower Vase

$3.85 $6.45

Colors: Blue
AI knows everything. Or does it? Let's hear what' it's go to say: Attention, White Claw enthusiasts! Get ready to sip on some floral fizz with the Chive Wabo vase. This vase is like a White Claw can that decided to ditch the beach and dive headfirst into the flower game. It's the perfect companion for when you want your arrangements to have that extra 'sparkle' and 'pops' like your favorite spiked seltzer. So raise your glass – I mean, vase – and toast to a blooming good time. With the Wabo vase, you'll be saying, 'Ain't no laws when it comes to flower claws!' Cheers to floral refreshment!
Product Details

Order in multiples of 8 pieces per style

  • Year Designed: 2020
  • Material: Glass

Barcode: 843458105510