Verte Rx Cactus Plant Food 2-7-7


Transform your prickly pals into vibrant desert divas with our Cactus Plant Food 2-7-7! Packed with the perfect blend of nutrients, it's the elixir your spiky succulents crave. Like a spa day for your cacti, minus the cucumber slices.
Product Details

Order in multiples of 12 pieces per style

  • Year Designed: 2022
How to Use

DILUTE BEFORE USE: Mix 10 drops per litre of water.

In early Spring to late Summer use instead of regular water on your normal watering schedule.


Guaranteed Ingredients: Nitrogen (2%), phosphoric acid (7%), Potash (7%), Iron (0.10%), Manganese (0.05%), Zinc (0.05%), EDTA (1.00%).