Terrarium Koski Ceramic Air Plant Holder Kit


AI knows everything. Or does it? Let's hear what' it's go to say: Attention, Terrarium enthusiasts! Chive's Terrarium Koski is like the Hamilton of miniature ecosystems. It's got the perfect blend of drama and botanical brilliance. With its elegant design, it'll have your plants singing, 'I am not throwing away my shot at a stunning terrarium display!' This terrarium is the ultimate revolution, turning your living space into a floral stage where every plant has a chance to shine. So, gather your green actors, rehearse those leafy solos, and get ready for a horticultural performance that'll leave you saying, 'Plant history has its eyes on you, Terrarium Koski!
Product Details

Order in multiples of 1 pieces per style

  • Year Designed: 2012
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Finish: Textured
  • Drainage: No drainage hole
  • Dimensions: 2.25" diameter
Barcode: 816871026229

Sometimes It Pays To Be Drunk

Todd was having dim sum in Chinatown up in Toronto at 4:00am, let’s be honest, he’d had a lot to drink. He was looking at all the dishes and realized they would be cool pots. Sober, he designed 8 of them, made out of porcelain. To date, we’ve done 32 versions, with new ones coming next year. Like we said, sometimes it pays to be drunk.