Minute Ceramic Pot And Saucer With Drainage Sets


Years ago, we designed 4 lines of pots in 8 different colors. They were just okay so we never ran them. One day, we had an idea. We grabbed the best two pieces from each line and placed them together. We loved the vibe. And that’s why we call it "minute" That's how long it took to produce the best line we've ever made
Product Details

Order in multiples of 2 pieces per style

Each set includes 1 pot in each of the 3 sizes

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Finish: Glazed
  • Dimensions: 6", 7" and 8"
  • Colors: Blue Layers, Boombastic, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, Cosmos, Green Blue, Green Cement, Green Layers
  • Includes drainage hole and saucer