Alu Magnetic Flower Test Tube Holder


Colors: Matte
30 years ago BC (before Chive) Todd had an idea. What if you could make a vase by attaching a neoprene magnet to a circular piece of cast aluminum and fitting a simple test tube in it? So he gave it a go. Then to make sure the magnets were strong enough he put the vase on fridge doors and slammed them shut- angry teenager style. Eventually the Magnetic Test Tubes were born. They’re perfect as vases. And for finding metal studs in your drywall ( Chive tick #46).
Product Details

Order in multiples of 6 pieces per style

  • Year Designed: 2008
  • Material: Glass/Stainless steel
  • Finish: Clear


  • Large 1.5 inches diameter, 6 inches tall
  • Small 1 inches diameter, 3 inches tall
Barcode: 882942008043

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