Gip Cloche




Product Information

Cloche's have a million uses, you probably don't even need us to suggest one but we’re going to anyway! This glass terrarium can be used as a showcase dome for your favorite knickknack. It can be used to cover your favourite potted plant and help keep the moisture inside.  It can also even be used to display or protect food items.

The Cloche was originally designed for the outdoors to protect plants from the cold, so you could go back to basics and use this stylish glass terrarium for the soul reason of it’s invention. It acts as a sort of mini greenhouse, keeping the heat and moisture in for plants which require such environments.   

The flower in the picture is called a Muscari and is sitting on one of our Frogs, a torture like device originally designed by the Japanese for Ikebana to enable the upright position for flower stems.

We have two sizes (dimensions below) to fit all your Cloche needs.

What ever you choose, get creative and have fun with them!

The Small Gip Cloche is 4" in diameter, 5" tall.

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