Casey Porcelain Modern Pot And Saucer Set

Colors: Blue Grey
Casey is Chive's third oldest Jedi. She never dreamed of having a pot named after her, and rightly so. It’s hardly an honor. We’ve named pots after Todd’s dog, condo developments, crazy japanese food snacks, and sounds that would be created if you dropped an ikea product into a moulder. After a slow start, Casey now sells well. You could argue this success all comes down to being named Casey. Although, you’d be wrong.
Product Detail
  • Year Designed: 2021
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Finish: Matte
  • Drainage: Drainage hole with detachable saucer


  • 5 inches diameter, 5 inches tall

The MVP of our pot collections

While some pots may scream for attention with flashy colors and extravagant designs, our sleeper best seller confidently whispers sophistication and style. So, if you're tired of pots that hog the spotlight and demand attention like needy divas, it's time to embrace the subtle allure of the Casey Pot.

Why bother agonizing over individual color choices?

Behold, our 48-piece Casey Flower Pots Kit in assorted colors. Because who has time to pick pots one by one? Go on, take the easy route, we won't tell.