Wow, have you ever spent 10 hours cutting flowers? Well we did at our latest photo shoot! We started at 8:00 am in the morning, loading the car with the 200 vases, 100 flowers and a hollow core door. We had cymbidiums, purple freesias, white dahlias, green and white spider mums, sweet green trick and a few alliums and floral filler! Flowers and the three of us were literally brimming from the boss’ JEEP.

We arrived at Sterling Studios in Toronto, ON around 8:30 am (it was just around the corner from our office) loaded everything in, had our coffee, then headed up to the green roof to take a peak. The green roof is about 3500 sq feet of pure urban beauty and is ingeniously built above the studio. Its purpose has both a positive environmental and constructional effect. In larger cities a green roof keeps a building cooler during the hot summer months and acts as an insulator during the winter. Studies have shown that green roofs in major cities can reduce the amount of smog days. Who hates smog warning days? I do! Just a little bit of inspiration before we started the shoot.

With camera in hand, I was ready to shoot. We had to get the 55 pics done by 5pm. Our V.P. of design placed and arranged the vases with the flowers, while Grasshopper and I did all the prep work. Somehow I was able to capture most of the shots while at the same time gathering the flowers and organizing the vases. Things were moving so fast that sometimes I had flowers and scissors in one hand and the camera in the other. Phew! That was dangerous! Bang, Bang, Bang! Everything was coming together like magic and for every frame shot there was GOLD! Some shots took longer than others but for the most part we were all very happy to see the amazing photography when we got back to the office and opened the email from Sterling Studios. Check out the Video below to see CHIVE in action!!