Tulip Cup Assorted



Product Information

These cute little decorative pots for indoor plants are adorable. Gone are the days of the boring terracotta pot, we have designed the Tulip Cups as modern plant pots.

These decorative pots for indoor plants are available in a plethora or colors: Anemone Pink, Cobalt, Cornflower Blue, Fern Green, Green Blue and White

When making these modern plant pots we thought we would give the color palette a modern twist as well. As we always say, “choose your colors to set the mood.”  So with these Tulip Cups  (named for the shape that resembles the head of a tulip) we went for a vibe of a warm Spring day. Our favorite combos are Fern/White/Fern and White/Anemone Pink/Cornflower.

The Tulip Cups do not have a drainage hole but if drainage is required, you can simply put a layer of charcoal on the bottom to act as natural filtration. Small rocks will also do the trick.

We also love to use the Tulip Cups as an air plant holder or for small bunches of wildflowers.

The Tulip Cups are 3” in diameter and 3” tall.

Flower and Planters we Love in this Pot: Sweetpea, Anemone, Dahlia, Hydrangea, Echeveria, Agave, Aeonium

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