Tika - Limited Edition



Product Information

Pre-orders for the new 2018 limited edition collection is now available. It comes with the following colors: Aracadia Green, Black, Citadel Blue, Classic Green, Indigo, Ivory, Lilac, Lime Punch and Slate Grey

These Limited Edition - Made for Chelsea Flower Show - Tika Pot and Saucer Spring Time Colors are to DIE FOR.

These Small Tika pots with drainage holes come in the following colors: Biscay Blue, Emerald, Macaw Green, Mint, Periwinkle, Serenity Blue, Smoke Green, and Yellow.

Pots with drainage holes seem to have vanished over the past decade and this makes no sense to us unless you are really, really good with watering your plants.

Our Tika flower pot saucers are included with the pot so you are all good to go once you make your purchase.

What we love most about the Tika Planters is the play on colors. There are so many fun combinations. With Spring as our inspiration we chose a bright fun pallet to work with but we all agree the yellow pot and is our new favorite.

Our current (spring-time) favorite color combination is Yellow, Emerald, and Biscay Blue. But its always fun to switch it up or swap out for any other color in the collection.

The Small Tika Planter is 3" in diameter and 2.5" tall.

Plants We Love in this Pot: Echeveria Elegance, Panda Plant, Aloe, Burro’s Tail, Haworthia, Agave

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