Terrarium Single



Product Information

We were trying to come up with a small scale, glass terrarium bowl that would work with one succulent, or to just put one air plant in glass bowl, or a handful of rocks with live moss on top. Rather than going to the drawing board, we took a look back through the Chive catalogue and lo and behold inspiration hit us.

We've had florists using our Hudson 2 Medium Single for an air plant in glass bowl for years. Knowing that the 1.5cm hole opening was daunting to the average consumer wanting to make their own creation, we simply chopped off the top and voila! The Terrarium Single was born! This glass terrarium bowl is also great for a tea light!

We love the simplicity of this piece paired with air plants like Brachycaulos and Stricta, or a cute little succulent like Hens – and – Chicks or even a cactus.  Add moss and some rocks and throw in a Noch figurine and you have an exotic scene to look at any time!

The Terrarium Single is 3.5" in diameter.

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