Terrarium Combo Sphere



Product Information

To hang or not to hang? Glass terrarium globes are all the rage and we’re tired of helping people make that decision for glass terrarium globes so we combined the best of both worlds. This is the ultimate Chive mash up, a genius move if you ask us, it’s a combination hanging and table-sitting terrarium. This hanging terrarium globe does it all! The Terrarium Combo Sphere is the perfect size for moss and air plant designs.

These versatile glass terrarium globes make a great accent in your home or office. With a loop at the top for easy hanging, the options are endless. Great to pair with air plants, succulents and other small greens the hanging terrarium globe will bring the outdoors in.

Glass terrarium bowls that you can hang or sit on your favourite shelf or table – yes please!

Some of our favourite plants for the Terrarium Combo Sphere are air plants like the Brachycaulos and Juncea but you could skip that altogether and just moss it up, whatever floats your boat!

The Terrarium Combo Sphere is 5" in diameter.

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