Swayzak - Kit



Product Information

At last - short flower vases are on the rise and starting to compete with their taller rivals! Swayzak  was designed in essence, to be a range of quirky floral ceramic vases. Adding to our Ikebana-style vase lines - that funky Japanese method of planting - this stylish, colourful addition can be used in conjunction with our Small Frogs to create simple or extravagant floral arrangements.

Now naturally, because they are such short flower vases, these soap-sized cuties are also adorable air plant holders! And we know air plants are THE home trend to have! Even a single one on its own is a beautiful statement, or line them up down your dinner table, middle shelf or conference table to create a much larger impact. Whatever the reason or occasion, the color pallet available in this subtly sophisticated range, ensures that floral ceramic vases, even small, are here to stay.  

Swayzak dishes are 4.25" long, 2.75" wide and 1" tall.

Flowers and Plants We Love in this Vase: Ranunculus, Fuzzy Tectorum Air Plant, Freesia, Tulips

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