Supreme Nebula


Blue Swirls
Copper Swirls
Gold Swirls


Product Information

Each case is 2 pcs per style

These designer glass vases are called Supreme Nebulas! The name says it all really, not just any cluster of stars, a SUPREME one. They are one of our rare larger models and are highly sought after contemporary vases.

They come in three different designs, Copper Swirls, Blue Swirls and Gold Swirls (we like swirls) and each offer their own version of style and class. They offer endless possibilities for home decorating and for events of all varieties such as giving a mantelpiece some color and life, making a boardroom seem less daunting and clinical or even having beautiful bouquets displayed as centerpieces on your wedding tables.

The swirl effect creates a beautiful colorful sheen when the light shines on these contemporary vases. Because they are some of the larger styles of designer vases that we provide they are able to hold big bouquets of flowers, so perfect for mothers days, anniversaries or just gifts for those special loved ones. These are truly elegant and versatile vases and they look fantastic against pretty much any interior design. 

Supreme Nebula is 5.25" in diameter and 9.25" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Tulips, Lilac, Bird of Paradise

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