Supreme Corona




Product Information

Now we know the word Corona has some fun, sunny/outerspace connotations already but this is a piece that is suitable for any season, in any room on earth, literally any room. With its heavy, quality hand blown glass and bright, punchy top & tailed colors, Corona is pretty much perfect for floral designing, event planning, hotels, bars and restaurants and as little gifts. The smooth, shiny essence of this round glass vase cooly complements the rough, organic mouth opening. It’s proved to be one our most popular contemporary vases of the last few years and shows no signs of letting up - even in winter!

Each piece is genuinely unique and in spite of its simplicity, this little round glass vase really gets some attention. Whether it's with one stem or a collection of smaller ones, Corona and its awesome Orb shape really earns its place among the eclectic elite of contemporary vases. Trust us, a crafty collection of Corona is a modern-day marvel. Don't believe us? Have a go and see for yourself..

Supreme Corona is 10" in diameter and 10.5" tall.

Flowers We Love in This Vase: Peony, Bird of Paradise, Narine Lily

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