Stas Dish




Product Information

Stas Dish is a collection of unique flower arrangement containers. Designed to be used with a floral frog… remember those funny spikey things Grandma used to use? They are back, and make all of us look like floral designers. Flowers LOVE floral frogs – it helps them suck the water up their stem and extends their life, allowing you to make a dramatic design in a very shallow dish.

Stas Dish comes is some of the same designs you will find in our Liberte collection of modern flower pots. A perfect combo in your home. Plant up the Liberte modern flower pots with succulents along side a Stas Dish (or two or three) of the same design, filled with long elegant and sculptural stems. And for that eclectic look, try mixing the designs! No matter what you do, you will love these elegant flower arrangement containers as much as we do.

Stas fits our Small and Medium Floral Frogs perfectly and they look beyond fabulous with your favorite flower.

Stas Dishes are 3.5" in diameter and height.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Freesia, Ranunculus, Hydrangea, Craspedia.

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