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Playing with the idea that nature inspires science, we have designed this line of hanging glass planters / vases as the ultimate showcase vessel for a single stem of a beautiful flower. There are three different options available – 1-Wire, 3-Wire & 5-Wire. Using thick and durable air line cable, each test tube hangs in its own holder, with the 1-Wire having a longer tube, which allows a slightly longer stem length to be supported upright. Treat the 3 & 5-wire as a single flower vase, but with multiple vessels for multiple cuttings.

This single flower vase is perfect for hiding a bloom in a small spot; running a series of them across a window sill, or off the edge of your kitchen island or bar. Keep one at 'kid height' so the little ones in your life can plop in the flowers they’ve picked out of the garden. If you like the hanging glass planters concept, be sure to check out Hudson 2 – Bolo, Hudson 4 – Hanging and Hodor (for a ceramic alternative)!

1-Wire is 6" long x 0.75" wide (for the tube) x 12" overall length.

3-Wire is 4” long x 0.75” width (for the tubes) x 20” overall length.

5-Wire is 4” long x 0.75” wide (for the tubes) x 30” overall length.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Freesia, Tulips, Anemone, Craspedia, Gloriosa, Roses, Germini, Ranunculus

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