Plastic Travel Vase, Small




Product Information

One of the best selling contemporary vases in Chive history, is, believe it or not, a PLASTIC VASE! Simply crack open the top (sometimes it helps to give a quick puff of air into it), fill it with water, and presto, an instant vase for flowers! When you're done with it, empty the flowers and water, then simply toss it into your kitchen cupboard or your desk drawer at work. It's easy-peasy to clean, just use dish soap and warm water. They are great for dorm rooms, small apartments, house boats, motor homes, hospitals, picnics, keep them in your glove compartment for last minute flower buying, or pop one in a birthday card and mail it to your grandma, I bet she’s always looking for new contemporary vases. 

They come in six different colors, Blue, Frost (not really a color but we think it sounds cool), Lilac, Orange, Peridot (a posh word for green) and Pink.

Who would have thought, an actual flat packed vase for flowers!

The Small vase is 4" long, .5 wide and 8" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Everything!

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