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Decorative pots for indoor plants that are also well designed, modern garden pots, are few and far between. We’re pretty sure that the brand new Pina Planter will be one of your all-time favorite modern garden pots.

These decorative pots for indoor plants have a geometric, textured design that we off-set with a warm cement lip around the top. Pina Planters are modern garden pots with a bit of a traditional flair so they will easily fit into any home, from the contemporary to the shabby chic.

The eight colors that are currently available for the Pina Planters are brand new tones for us to group together - Rust, Ginger, Fern, Seafoam, Light Grey, Red, Aqua and Midnight – they give this line a rustic yet modern vibe and offer a lot of cool combos for you to play with.

While there is no drainage hole, your succulents will stay happy with a small layer of gravel on the bottom. Because they are fully glazed, you could also use Pina for a small cluster of flowers. Or simply plop an air plant inside.

The Pina Planter is 3.5" wide by 3" tall.

Plants We Love in this Pot: Bromeliads, Andromischus, Senecio, Sempervivum, Agave, Gasteria, Baby's Tears

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