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OINK. Couldn’t resist. This ceramic plant pot is new for 2016 and features alongside a few other friends in Chive’s Animal Planters range. Coming in three colors, Chartreuse (green), Cobalt (blue) and of course, White, these modern garden pots are a fun addition to the regular pots we carry.

It has no drainage hole but this problem can be counteracted by adding a shallow layer of gravel for drainage below the soil and taking care not to overwater whatever succulent or cacti is inside. These small modern garden pots will fare best in the safety of your own home but take them outside in the summer to jazz up a small outdoor space.

If you're scared of dirt, air plants are happy to call this guy home.

If you love the Pig, be sure to check out the other Animal Planters ceramic plant pot range: Jett The Snail, Rhino, Elephant. And other animal-inspired Chive creations: Porcelain Bird, Hoot, Giraffe & Carp.

Each Piggie is 5.5" long, 3.5" wide and 3.25" tall.

Chive recommends this pot for any type of Succulent or Cacti that does not need much watering.

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