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Succulent pots are big. I mean, this guy is actually quite little - but succulent pots are BIG! Modern flower pots are all the rage on both sides of The Pond and Noel is the perfect little fella’ to get your collection growing. People are starting to get real creative with their succulent gardens - have a look at our Noch figurine range too, these tiny folk really makes things funky!

As succulent pots go, Noel is a fun and unusually shaped container for a single succulent. It is just the right height to nestle a 2.5" succulent, or a medium sized air plant - we’re huge fans of both and trust us, they look equally as good! The white color choice was designed to give maximum exposure to whatever you create. Modern flower pots are only going to get more popular, so beat the trend and get yourself involved with our increasing range. Noel looks simple, but he’s super effective on your window ledge, on your desk or soaking up the steam in your bathroom!

Noel is 3.5" diameter and 4" tall.

Plants We Love in this Planter: Live Moss, Echeveria, Crassula, Caput Medusae air plant, Veluntina Air Plant

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