Noch - Kits

Each Kit is 1 pc of each of the following: // // Activities Mix Pack: Snowboarders, Skiers #2, Tennis Players, Golders, Paragliders, Mountain Bikers, Gardener, Joggers, Walkers, Horse Rides, Rock Band, Mountaineers // G Rated Mix Pack: Alpine Animals, Bakers, Billboard Guys, Dogs #1, Deer, Gardener, Horse Rides, Nuns, People Reading, Pedestrians #2, Pigs, Restaurant, Shepherd & Sheep // PG13 Rated Mix Pack: Pedestrians #1, People Reading, City Scenes, Wanderers #2, Senior Citizens, Wedding, Country Love, Bathers #2, Red Light District, Sexy Ladies, Bed, Bench Super Dirty XXX Mix Pack: Bathers #3, Ladies of the Night, Red Light, Volleyball, Sexy Scenes Blue Couch, Sexy Scenes Brown Couch, Sexy Scenes Bench (2 pcs), Sexy Scenes Bed (2 pcs), Sexy Ladies (2 pcs)



Product Information

Chive is proud to present these hysterical little miniature figurines for terrariums to take your terrarium up that extra notch! Averaging a tiny height of 1", these terrarium people add whimsy and fun to all your planting needs. There are more than 50 varieties of Noch ranging from pregnant ladies and people reading, to workers with their lunch pales and animals, all the way to the XXX selections just hinted at in the photos that you might just want to keep for your private collection.

These miniature figurines for terrariums will bring out the funny and the creative in just about anyone. Mix and match to create a story for your terrarium people that no one is going to forget! Change it up day to day to keep coworkers or family members on their toes. I swear that dog was a horse yesterday!

Whatever your pleasure there is a Noch figurine who’s mastered the art of it and a terrarium just waiting for you to display these fantastic scenes in. Endless variety means endless creativity!

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