Moloko Assorted Pack




Product Information

The Moloko collection, aka flower vase ceramic, comes in a variety of colors and heights, so if you are looking for a white flower vase, or a blue, chartreuse, grey or yellow one, this is your vase! It's no secret, we love to cluster vases of different heights and shapes to create a one-of-a-kind floral arrangement. Taking it to the next level, we designed the Moloko line of ceramic vases. There are three different heights and 8 bold and rich colors so you can jumble them together, or, let them stand tall on their own.

Whether you are looking for a monochromatic arrangement using a white flower vase or a multi-colored, multi-height cluster, Moloko, the flower vase ceramic, is your vase. Put 3 clusters down the center of your dining room table. Or a cluster of just three on the perfect little window sill to add a touch of color and design to any room of your home.

There are three sizes of Moloko:

Small Moloko is 1.6" in diameter and 3.1" tall.

Medium Moloko is 1.6" in diameter and 6.3" tall.

Large Moloko is 2.2" in diameter and 9.5" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Ranunculus, Agapanthus, Gloriosa, Anemone

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