Mofo Tika 2 Pot & Saucer


Meadowlark Yellow
New Grey
Ultra Violet


Product Information

Large Planter pots with a good design are hard to find so we designed the Mofo Tika Planters to have a soft, organic looking lip on both the pot and saucer. We matched this with a subtle Pantone palette that plays on the natural looking shape of the pot.

Each of these ceramic flower pots with saucers have the all important drainage hole, and is sold with the matching saucer. The Mofo Tika large planter pots can be used for succulents that are outgrowing their smaller containers, or for your favorite houseplant.

The Mofo Tika large planter pots can be used indoors or outdoors. We love the idea of lining your front porch steps with one in each size to make your neighbors jealous.

These ceramic flower pots with saucers come in two sizes:

The Mofo Tika Planter Large is 8” in diameter and 7.5” tall.

The Mofo Tika Planter Extra Extra Large is 10” in diameter and 9” tall.

Plants We Love in this Pot: Peperomia, Scented Geraniums, Dracaena, Fiddleleaf Fig, Philodendron, ZeeZee Plant, Spider Plant, Hoya, Rubber Tree, Pothos, Croton, Crown of Thorns, Calathea, Columna

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