Mofo Hanging Succulent Dish


Blue Grey


Product Information

We're thrilled to introduce three new hanging planters this year!

The biggest and boldest of which has to be the Mofo Hanging Succulent dish!

Hang your succulents, add some air plants, while you're at it stick in some Coral and add that always important POP of color.

Looking for a way to hang those herbs in your kitchen - you’ve found it! Tired of pets getting into plants or bending over to water - just hang them! Everything old is new again and this classic design is going to look perfect in that empty spot you’ve been staring at for months.

Complete with with rope and 3 modern colors to get you inspired to actually do the full spring clean this year!

So pick your favorite design and color and get hanging!

The Mofo Hanging Succulent Dish is 12" in diameter and 7" tall.


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