Small Liberte 3 Pot & Saucer


Black Stars
Blue Birds
Green Flower
Green Gardens
Grey Forest
Red Flowers
Red Stars
Yellow Star


Product Information

What can we say? This truly is our new Chive house favorite. So we decided we needed more and came out with a third line of adorable patterns!

Pots with drainage holes. Sounds simple eh? Well they are. But this does not do Liberte any justice, whatsoever. With its classical almost Oriental style finish, one minute it seems you’re having a picnic in China with this perfect piece, the next you’re in Wonderland having tea with Alice and her friends! Coming complete with their own flower pot saucers of course, Liberte has been a HUGE hit either side of The Pond. 

Our bestseller at Chelsea Flower Show, it seems the demand for these adorable succulent pots is only just beginning. Classy pots with drainage holes are hard to find, so we thought we’d help you stay on trend and design one for you. Bring the outside IN, and have more fun than you ever imagined possible. Cacti & air plants work too - and don’t worry, no mess with pot plants either. Flower pot saucers to the rescue! If you want guaranteed impact at home or work, Liberte is the one. 

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