Hudson 5 - Thorn



Product Information


It has been a long time since we've released a new hanging glass planter vase so we are proud to introduce you to Thorn. Made from extruded tube glass, it is light weight enough that you can suspend it from any nail or hook or tree branch that you can find.

They look lovely when you hang a multitude of them from different heights. We suggest using them for wedding receptions or hanging them at the end of every church pew, or along a wall with your favorite stem perfectly displayed from all levels. There is a small .25" hole on either side that you can string with fishing line or ribbon if you’re feeling like adding that extra pop of color to really bring out a dramatic effect. Just cut the hanging apparatus to your desired height to make Thorn the perfect hanging glass planter.

A flower glass vase that’s versatile to hang from wherever your heart desires and your imagination can take you.

The Hudson 5 Thorn is .5" in diameter and 12" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Tulips, Lilly and Narcis

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