Hudson 4 Sputnik



Product Information

Sputnik is a spikey, single flower vase and is a playful addition to any tablescape or bit of space in your house. Made from extruded tube glass, it is light and airy which lends to the whimsical nature of this spherical vase.

We love to sneak a single flower vase into every nook and cranny in our house and the futuristic vibe that Sputnik radiates elevates an otherwise boring spherical vase into something out of this world (hence the name, Sputnik, the satellite that changed the world!)

For weddings and events, we love to cluster a dozen or more together to create a textured centerpiece in the middle of the table. When grouped together and filled with water at all different levels, light bounces off the spikes and creates the illusion of movement and flow.

When set on it’s own, Sputnik beautifully highlights the individual beauty of the bloom it is holding.

The Sputnik vase is 3.5” in diameter with a .5” hole for the flower.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Sweet Green Trick, Gerber Daisy, Spider Mums, Star of Bethlahem, Eucharis Lily, Peony

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