Hudson 4 Raygun



Product Information

Order in multiples of 6 pieces

The Hudson 4 Raygun is one of our favorite pieces. An elegant play on the "space guns" of the 1950's, there is a classy sense of humor in these small glass vases for flowers. When these clear bud vases are filled with water, the neck of the vase creates an optical illusion that looks as if the stem has been cut in half. Super cute sitting by itself, the Hudson 4 Raygun also makes for an elegantly fun cluster when paired with the Hudson 4 Rockpile and the Hudson 4 Double Bubble.  All of these small glass vases for flowers work beautifully together to make a unique table setting.  Create even more ambiance by interspersing these clear bud vases with votives.

Because they are clear bud vases, they will work in any room with any décor and best of all, you can choose from a wide variety of cut flowers that will stand out in the Hudson 4 Raygun. 

The Hudson 4 Raygun is 2" long, 3" wide, 6" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Freesia, Ranunculus, Waxflower, Hydrangea, Gloriosa, Sweetpea, Phlox, Hypericum