Hudson 4 Lot




Product Information

This is one of our all time favorites and an update on a piece we released in our first year, the Hudson Horn – one of the staples in our range of contemporary vases. This item is hand blown, very thick glass that sits flat and sturdy on your table top. Group three or five together, pointy side in, to create a stunning centerpiece. Brides love it to rest their bouquet in during the dinner.

In addition to being used as a glass vase with flowers in, it’s also a beautiful showcase piece for a flowering air plant. We’ve even had people use them use them in special events for nibbles or display other special nik naks around the home!

Hudson 4 Large Lot is 8" long,  5" wide, 5" tall.

Hudson 4 Small Lot is 6” long, 4” wide, 4” tall.

*Please note that this range of contemporary vases are handmade and so dimensions will vary slightly for each piece.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Hyacinth, Tulip Bunches, Hydrangea or a single Camellia bloom

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