Hudson 4 Crinkle



Product Information

Over here at Chive HQ, we like to think we’re always ahead of the trends - if not, at least on top of them! Hudson 4 Crinkle may seem like a simple flower vase but it’s so much more than that - in fact, it’s almost a Transformer, according to Phil. Now, glass wedding vases as cute and cool as these are extremely hard to find so we did the hard work for you by designing such a hip little hybrid!

On the face of it, Crinkle is indeed a simple flower vase but it is great for combining Flower and Fire, one of the fastest growing trends in the floral industry right now. Trust us on this one! So, believe it or not, you can use it for a single bud OR as an oil burner, because it comes with its own wicked little wick - pretty much perfect as far as glass wedding vases go, right?!  

The Hudson 4 Crinkle is 3" in diameter and 4.5" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Gloriosa, Freesia, Gerbers


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