Hudson 3 Window Cone



Product Information

The Hudson 3 Window Cone is one of those “can’t live without” hanging glass planters. A flower glass vase that looks good on its own but really ramps up the drama when put into groups. Imagine these hanging outside in your gazebo, or along that window that gets the sun shining in all day. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and formal spaces alike the Hudson 3 Window Cone will fit any spot you can dream of (and trust us, we’re big dreamers).

This hanging, cone shaped vase is perfect for window sills that need simple hanging glass planters to showcase your favorite cutting. Or try this flower glass vase outside on your patio this summer when you’re hosting the next big BBQ, that fence is just begging for attention and you know it, why else did you spend all summer slaving over your garden, display your work! Any space you want to bring life into will benefit from this simple but dramatic piece.

The Hudson 3 Window Cone is 2" in diameter and 12" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Tulips, Gerbers, Daffodils and Lilies

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