Hudson 2 Wall Tube




Product Information

Sometimes, thinking outside the box can have spectacular effects.  Shall we do a wall flower vase we thought? How cool would that be! We now have more than the humble Wall Tube, but nothing is quite as effective and effortlessly impressive when you get it up there - trust us, find some room somewhere for glass wall vases for flowers! Just ask first!

As far as a wall flower vase comes, The Wall Tubes, are our smaller, more affordable glass wall mounting pieces. They look great on a wall with multiples or use on its own to dress up a blank space of wall that you otherwise didn't know what to do with. There is small, beveled-edge hole on the back so all you need to do is grab a screw or a nail and a blank spot of wall. The bottoms are actually flat, so you can also sit them on the table!

Medium Wall Tube is 1.35" in diameter, 7" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Baby Cymbidium Orchid, Freesia, Calla Lily, Tulip

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