Hudson 2 Drops




Product Information

This ‘droplet of water’ shaped, simple flower vase is perfect for highlighting the individual beauty of a flower. We always go for Gloriosa as our flower of choice for these cool flower vases but it was originally designed for Hydrangea, the flower that is notorious for dying after 48 hours. By cutting the stem short to three inches your flower will last up to two times longer.

These look fantastic on their own or cluster one of each shape to create a puddle like centerpiece. The more light that that shines on to these cool flower vases, the more magnificent they look. Also try it on a white table top and the vase vanishes somewhat to give that true droplet effect.

There are 3 designs of this simple flower vase to choose from: Drop 1 (heart shaped), Drop 2 (arrow shaped) and Drop 3 (amoeba shaped).

Rough dimensions for all 3 Drops: 5" long/wide, 1" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Gloriosa, Tulips, Spider Mums, Daffodils, Dianthus (Sweet Green Trick), Bouvardia,

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