Hudson 2 Bolo



Product Information

Our Hudson 2 Bolo wall flower vase is absolutely perfect. They are made out of extruded tube glass, so they are always the same diameter down to the mm.  Extruded tube glass is machine made so it is always consistent quality.

For mounting our glass wall vases for flowers all you need to do is put a nail or screw into the wall. It is never the vase that is going to break, it will be your wall.

Other than using the Hudson 2 Bolo as a wall flower vase they can be used with tealights, shells, and photographs, the list is endless.

With our glass wall vases for flowers you will never run out of creativity. Our favourite flowers to use are tulips (remember that tulips are the only flower that grows after you cut them so you will need to trim them from time to time), Daffodils, Gerbers, Freesia, and Brunia.

Have fun, be creative and start making your own wall installations and vertical gardens.

Small Bolo is 2.5" in diameter, 7” tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Daffodils, Freesia, Brunia, Gerber Daisy, Tulips, Narine

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