Dark Chrome


Product Information

These cool flower vases are a highly decorative range of short flower vases that look just as good unfilled as they do filled. We think they look a bit like a prickly pear but actually Gourd works better. The tiny hole in the top makes them perfect for displaying a lonesome single stem with absolutely any (smallish) flower you like. They are so original in their design that people just can’t get enough of them, everyone likes their home to stand out after all.

Although two of the finishes, dark chrome and silver are shiny their textured finishes add an organic element to any décor. The gunmetal design, however, is in a world of it’s own. Dark and mysterious, it really stands out in colorful setting and adds a sort of film noir style to your home. Cool flower vases we hear you say. That’s right, you’ve come to the right place, cool and short flower vases completely at your disposal.

Gourds are 3.25" in diameter.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Holly Berry, Bouvardia, Spider Mum, Gerbers, Freesia

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