Frog Dish




Product Information

Our Frog Dishes are super cute and fresh looking ceramics and they are the perfect modern flower pots to use along with our Small Floral Frogs to create Ikebana style arrangements.

Ikebana is a very old style of Japanese floristry. In Ikebana, you take your vase for flowers and make it secondary to the floral frog (also known as a kenzan) which will do all the work for you. We love pairing a modern flower pot with a kenzan because the end result is always high end contemporary.

To use your Frog Dish vase for flower, cut the stems of your flower to your desired height, then impale them onto a prick of the pin. Because the water shoots up the stem of the flower, frogs help extend the life of your flower.

Sneak one on your night table, or, line up a bunch down the middle of your table to create a unique centerpiece.

The Round Frog Dish is 2" in diameter, and 1.5" tall.

The Square Frog Dish is 2.25" wide and long, 1.5" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Freesia, Muscari, Tulips, Dandelions, Dubium, Orinthogalum

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