Air Plant, Faux - Kit

Order 6 pieces of each style (10 styles total = 60 pcs)


Product Information

While the real life air plant is a fairly easy beast to keep alive, they do require a bit of attention and love and can be finicky and this is intimidating to some people.

If you are one of those people, we have the perfect solution for you – faux air plants!

You will never need to soak them in a bath for that perfect amount of time like a real air plant requires. You don’t need to find that perfect balance of enough sunshine but not too much sunshine.

And you won’t need to be ashamed that you’re faking it! These faux air plants are so well designed that no one will be the wiser. Down to the “crystal-like” appearance on the leaves and the roots on the stem, these faux’s are indistinguishable from a real air plant.

Offered in 10 different styles and sizes, you can find the perfect faux air plant to fit your favorite Chive pot or Terrarium.

Imitation air plant décor is the latest craze to hit the purple thumb set since your grandma did away with her plastic roses.

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