Discus Packer’s Choice



Product Information

We are having so much fun these days with our modern garden pots and the Discus Planter is the perfect example. We are so sick to death of all the old boring stuff that is offered to the garden world. These ceramic flower pots come in 7 different colors. We mixed hint of silver into the paint to make all of the colors really really rich. 

The Discus modern garden pots were designed for indoor use. Since we all live in such small spaces these days we are bringing in a little of the outdoors inside. If you want to leave the Discus Planter outside, he will be more than happy there as well.

Ceramic flower pots are a simple way to give a little life to a room. Either with simple succulents or getting a little creative and growing a bunch of crocus flowers.

The best thing about using bulbs is they come back every year. Just let them dry out completely, then stick them in a paper bag in a cool dark spot. They will be ready to use with the Discus Planter next year.

The Discus Planter is 8” in diameter and 2.75" tall.

Plants We Love in this Pot: Hens and Chicks, Echeveria Black Prince, Lithops, Aeonium, Drago, Sedum, Sempervivum, Graptopetalum

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