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Chive’s Crayon white ceramic bud vases come in three two-tone color variations which makes these modern decorative vases way too much fun. The only problem you will have with the Crayon line is picking your favorite color combinations.

These white ceramic bud vases represent a color blockers dream. We have always been obsessed with Pantone colors so we decided to have some fun with Crayon, plus they will also look cool next to your Pantone coffee mug.

We generally redo the colors on these modern decorative vases every year and a half so be quick in picking your favorites, we dare you to keep up with all the colors we love.

The Crayon vessels can be used for medium to long stems of flowers but they also look pretty cool when you don`t have any flowers in them. We`ve also heard whispers that people use them for pens and pencils, and make up brushes (shhhh!)

The Crayon Vase is 2" in diameter and 6" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Craspedia, Cyclamen, Gloriosa, Sweetpea, Phlox, Tulips, Spray Rose, Baby Cymbidium Orchid, Bouvardia

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