Bowler Bottle



Product Information

The brilliant Bowler Bottle is a textured ceramic vase with fun, bright and complimentary color palette. With its almost retro disco texture, it quite rightly takes its place in the category of cool flower vases! I guess you could also say they are classic floral ceramic vases, but that’s their beauty - they’re so interchangeable, depending on your decor.

Now, we know truly cool flower vases are tough to find, but trust us on this one (mainly because we designed it) - it makes such a stylish statement on any table or top shelf. They are pretty much perfect for clustering together and adding height to the center of your table. Or, use a single Bottle on its own as an accent decoration vase. Each vase has a cute little .5" mouth opening which is great for single, long stem flowers. Tablescapes can be created and whoever you’re hosting, you can make it work. If Granny comes, it’s back to being a bunch of floral ceramic vases!

The Bowler Bottle is 2.5" in diameter and 10" tall.

Flowers We Love in This Vase: Freesia, Roses, Orinthagalum

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