Liberte 4 Pot & Saucer, 4.25"


Black Owl
Blue Feathers
Blue Leaves
Blue Swallows
Green Leaves
Red Roses
Red Squirrels
Yellow Flowers


Product Information

We know you love the classic Liberte 4 pot and saucer so we went and super-sized it! Who doesn’t love more?  

It is our traditional flower pot shape now in a 4.25” pot. We have kept our convenient drainage hole so your plants can thrive and grow in a bigger space and it continues to come complete with their own flower pot saucers of course. Plus we've gone bold and pumped up the whimsy with some new fun colors and patterns.

Big Liberte 4 is 4.25" in diameter and tall

Plants We Love in the Pot: Crassula, Echeveria, Sedum, Burro's Tail, Agave

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