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We like small stuff here at HQ. I mean, large floral vases can be boring, let’s be honest. When Chive began in 2005, we sought to shake up the world of interior decorative pieces. A glass vase for flowers doesn’t need to be bland, just because the flowers are spectacular. Eventually, Agate arrived to much pomp and ceremony and proceeded to remind us just how fun large floral vases can also be!

Unlike the majority of our smaller range, Agate is a glass vase for flowers of reasonable size and weight. But don’t let that put you off - it’s elegant and eye-catching too. This beautiful blue and white hefty, cylinder vase is individually hand-crafted for its unique beauty. A glass vase for flowers has that ability to truly showcase the magnificence of the bloom but this looks great even on its own. In short, this Ocean-feel container is an ideal vessel to display a vivid bouquet of flowers or sublime stand-alone work of art.

The Agate vase is 6 inches in diameter and 9.25" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Hydrangea, Nerine, Freesia, any large bouquet

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