Pearlescent Votive




Product Information

This vast collection of tealight and votives come in an array of colors, finishes and textures. There are three different, unique finishes – clear, pearlescent and metallic. The clear and pearlescent are opaque, ensuring maximum shine from those candles, while the metallic inside of that finish reflects any light out to do the same thing!

Add some shine to those glass wedding vases and scatter these around to create a fantastic display. We created these tealight and votives for the Party People of the world and since being introduced to Chive in the early 2010’s they have been sold in their thousands. They are an affordable alternative to the mass produced junk found at the dollar store!

Alternately, our Medium Floral Frogs fit perfectly inside these tea light votives and can be used to create Ikebana style arrangements. Just pop a Chive Floral Frog in the base, add some water, spike the flower on the end, et voila (see the Frog Dishes range for ideas)!

The Votives are 2” in diameter and 2.5” tall.

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