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Over in the UK, this has been Phil’s fave ever since he first laid eyes on it. These tall, heavy and twistingly classic containers are simply splendid for displaying single blooms with long stems. This is without doubt one of our most powerful, modern decorative vases - its simplicity makes a real statement. Contemporary vases don't get much cooler than these guys! The stylish, sophisticated color scheme only accents their zest and overall impact.

With the medium size Bottle standing at a foot high and the large standing even taller, several Bottles clustered together create a quite sensational table-scape at home or even in that bland office of yours. Mighty modern decorative vases are extremely hard to come by, but trust us on this one. You really think you've seen all contemporary vases at their best? Think again..The Bottle is back, but was it ever really away?  

The Large Bottle is 4.75" in diameter and 14" tall.

The Medium Bottle is 3.75" in diameter and 11.75" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Peony, Ginger, Birds of Paradise

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