Black & White




Product Information

This piece is a thick and heavy, black and white modern vase. It has been Chive staple for some five years now. Hand blown glass is used to create these classic floral containers, resulting in superb quality with an attractive checked pattern blown into the glass. Two color options are available for the two different shapes, hence the name Black and White! But, more importantly, the neutral color palette means that the vase works in any sort of environment, such as an office or study.

The pieces are ideal as stand-alone objects for a few stems but this white modern vase partners well with the Cup (in the same collection) to add depth & display in clusters. The Black and White vase suits 3-4 inch flowers and can also double as a tealight holder. Getting even more creative, why not put one of Chive’s Floral Frogs in the bottom and create something special. The modern white vase works well with most flowers.

Black and White Vase is 3.75" in diameter, 3.25" tall. 

Black and White Cup is 2.75" in diameter, 2.25" inches tall.

Flowers We Love in This Vase: Sweet Green Trick/ Dianthus (as shown), Ranunculus, Yellow Dandelion, Hydrangea

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